Interview of Debra Deckard

On 3-6-12 at 4 p.m., contacted Mrs. Debra Deckard in person. After agreeing to speak with me, Mrs. Deckard provided the following information.
Mrs. Deckard has been an employee of the Barren County Jail for seven years. She is not happy with the current state of the jail and is extremely disappointed in Jailer Elect Mr. Matt Mutter. She has even had discussions pertaining to removal of Mr. Mutter and Mr. Lloyd Bean. These conversations were with Mrs. Debbie Greer, the County Judge Executive, and Mr. Billy Couchins. The subject was that Mr. Mutter was an incompetent and weak leader and Mr. Bean was extremely lazy and untrustworthy. She also mentioned the possible affair between Mr. Mutter and the court’s pre-trial officer. According to Mrs. Deckard there are also problems with abuse, affairs, misappropriation of funds, the training regime, medical care, barefaced favoritism, and improper incident documentation.

According to Ms. Deckard, she was a witness to the beating and spraying (pepper spray) of inmate Mr. Damon Thacker by Matt Mutter, James Scott, and Kevin Estes. She said others were present but did not participate. Those present as “alternates” were Mrs. Sharon Houchens, Mrs. Gayle Bowls, and Mr. Donny Gray. It was Mrs. Deckard’s opinion that the assault was not necessary.

There was another possible affair that Mrs. Deckard discussed between Mr. Tracy Bellamy and Mrs. Tracy Greer. She had not personally seen any inappropriate physical interaction, but did name several people who had witnessed this aspect of their relationship. These people are Mrs. Panquetta Lyons, Mrs. Dana Garman, Mrs. Silvia Davidson, and Mr. Donny Gray. Ironically, all of the individuals whom remain at the jail now, including Mrs. Greer, receive preferential treatment including cell phone use, personal laptops, and extra breaks.

Mrs. Deckard also commented on the lack of proper documentation within the jail, stating “you had to be there to know what happened. She offered two examples to support this claim. First off, the briefing book is not updated as it should be; meaning that important information concerning the daily events concerning inmates was often not documented and resulted in confusion therefore making the operation of the jail less efficient. The second example that she offered was much more disturbing. An entire recorded incident involving Mr. Shane Davidson was deleted. This incident later resulted in Mr. Davidson’s dismissal. She did not give specific details for the incident.

Finally Mrs. Deckard discussed the training of the jail. She felt as though it was completely inadequate, that although there is on the job training and scheduled workshops that it doesn’t begin to enter the realm of proper. She specifically discussed a training session in Allen County that was set up by Mr. Bellamy. She was purposely given the wrong address and even directions to the wrong building, while others, those who receive preferential treatment, were told the correct place to attend.